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ROVEMA India, a subsidiary of ROVEMA GmbH, a pioneer for more than 6 decades in the vertical form, fill, and seal packaging machine industry, has long championed the triad of Engineering, Quality, and Technology. This commitment has transformed the packaging landscape, earning global recognition. For over 27 years in India, our equipment has played a pivotal role across various sectors, ensuring precise packing, protection, and product marketing worldwide.

At ROVEMA India, we don’t settle for the formulaic. We continually push boundaries, surpassing the status quo. Our journey began with a milk powder packing machine in 2000, and today, we’ve successfully installed over 1,300 machines across 33 countries, particularly in Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. We offer a comprehensive range of form fill & seal machines, meticulously customized for various applications, including food grains, pharma, chemicals, home and personal care, detergents, and dairy, among many others.

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Reliable Packaging Machines With Lower Ownership Costs

Many top brands trust our packaging solutions in the food and nonfood sectors. At ROVEMA India, we provide high-quality, high-performing products that deliver long-term value. Our technology is advanced, functional, and profitable. With strong technical expertise and innovative designs, our products handle even the most complex packaging tasks, making ROVEMA India a leader in the industry.

Our reliable packaging machines offer lower ownership costs by maximizing space efficiency with a compact footprint. They are built for longevity and require minimal maintenance, cutting down on downtime and maintenance costs. The one-time investment in our high-quality equipment yields excellent returns, as it is engineered for long-term performance without frequent replacements. Moreover, advanced automation reduces labour requirements, significantly saving human resources.

Form Fill & Seal Machines

ROVEMA India offers advanced Form, Fill and Seal Solutions that protect products from spoilage, make transportation easy, and secure against tampering. Our equipment handles various bag sizes and integrates smoothly into your production line, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Modular VFFS Single Tube

Flexi Bag 280
  • High speed and excellent fill accuracies
  • Highly modular – compatible with volumetric as well as weigh metric fillers
  • Packs Laminate & PE
  • Unique two-line sealing for PE
  • Easy change over to a new pack size
  • Production of a wide range of pack styles & sizes
  • Minimized seal contamination
  • Optimized film yields
Applications –

Modular VFFS Twin Tube

Flexi Bag 450T
  • Twice the production in the same footprint
  • Can pack two products on the same machine simultaneously
  • High speed and excellent fill accuracies
  • Highly modular – can be integrated with volumetric as well as weigh metric fillers
  • Servo control systems for multiple functions
  • Minimized seal contamination
  • Optimized film yields
  • Production of a wide range of pack styles & sizes
Applications –

Multilane Sachet Form-Fill-Seal

Flexi Sachet 600
  • High speed and excellent fill accuracies
  • Can be integrated with various dosing systems
  • Available for 3-side sealed pouches
  • Minimized seal contamination
  • Optimized film yields
Applications –

Dosing Systems

ROVEMA India offers a range of Dosing Systems for different applications. These systems boost productivity, speed, and efficiency with various filling capacities and built-in safety features.

Volumetric Solid Dosing

Accuscrew Auger Filler
  • Ideal for non-free flowing products
  • Adjustable auger height
  • Servo control for high accuracy
  • Quick changeover
  • Option for compressed filling
Applications –

Weigh Metric Solid Dosing

Flexi Weigh Beltweigher
  • Accurate weight control at a higher speed
  • Ideal for packing non-dusty, free flowing and granular products
  • Available in different sizes to suit your requirements
  • Adaptable to your existing form, fill, and seal machines
Applications –

Volumetric Liquid Dosing

Piston Filler
  • A precise dosing solution
  • Can handle products with different viscosities
  • Pouch width to suit your requirements
  • Comes with the suck-back feature that minimizes the spillage
  • Variety of control systems for accuracies
Applications –

Check Weigher

Our Check Weighers provide actionable real-time insights, helping to reduce wastage by preventing underfilled and overfilled packages. Improve plant efficiency by identifying bottlenecks, and protect your brand’s reputation by meeting stringent quality standards and regulations.

Intelli CW2K
  • Optimize Packaging with precision & efficiency
  • Get actionable real-time insights
  • Reduce wastage by preventing underfilled and overfilled packages
  • Improve plant efficiency by identifying bottlenecks
  • Protect your brand’s reputation by meeting regulatory needs
  • Seamless integration with your existing machines


Customized to suit your needs, our end-of-line solutions offer expertly engineered solutions for your requirements, including automatic and semi-automatic options. Our systems deliver various packaging solutions, such as outer cartons, shipping cartons, balers (both sealed and stitched), and palletizers. We’ve enhanced our offerings with barcoding, vision-based scanning systems, and printing capabilities to provide greater flexibility. Additionally, we offer customizable rejection systems tailored to meet specific customer requirements. These integrated solutions ensure an integrated and efficient packaging process designed to surpass your expectations.
  • Tailormade solutions to suit your needs
  • Can be integrated with your existing plant
  • Reduces the manual interventions
  • Optimizes the operations & increases efficiency

Jar Filling

ROVEMA India provides customized jar-filling solutions to meet your specific needs for precise and accurate filling of powders, granules, and liquids. Our systems offer weigh-metric and volumetric dosing for various jar shapes, including round, square, and odd.

  • Customized to suit your requirements
  • Automatic and semi-automatic solutions
  • Suitable for packing Powders, Granules, Liquids
  • Option of variety of feeding system
  • Weighmetric as well as volumetric dosing possible
  • Can fill into different jar shapes – Round, Square, Odd shape

Pouch Types

ROVEMA India can help you with a variety of pouch types and sizes that represent your brand.
Quad Pack
Block Bottom
Penta Seal
4 Side Seal
3 Side Seal

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Modular-engineered Solutions for Your Industry

Our team collaborates with you to transform your most challenging packaging issues into efficient packaging solutions. No matter your industry, we can deploy custom solutions that fulfil your industry’s fill, seal, and productivity requirements. Whether your product is light, viscous, heavy, frozen, or wet, we have the right equipment to suit your needs.

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  • A solutions-driven approach
  • 70-year-old legacy of packaging solutions
  • Continual investment in future-forward tech
  • Pioneers in VFFS technology
  • Market leaders in customized solutions
  • Here to stay with enduring industry impact